welcome to the diamond life

welcome to the diamond life

Friday, 30 April 2010

Lara Stone and Baptiste Giabiconi - partners in crime

Stealing is wrong, but Lara Stone and Baptiste Giabiconi make it look so right. Karl Lagerfeld’s black and white short film ‘Vol de Jour’ shows the two on a Chanel shoplifting spree, decked out head-to-foot in the designs. Even their getaway vehicle is luxurious—a Chanel motorcycle.


Lara Stone and Baptiste Giacobini are the new stylish version of Bonnie and Clyde. Karl Lagerfeld brings us his latest short film, which is called Vol de Jour. Lara and Baptiste are obsessed with the idea of stealing from Chanel stores...

Lara keeps trying on clothes and Baptiste steals everything he can. With a touch of humor, it's a great way of showing the French brand's iconic stores. We'll leave you to enjoy the stylish robbers in Vol de Jour...

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