welcome to the diamond life

welcome to the diamond life

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Hedi Slimane, designer at Dior Homme since late 2000, has achieved nearly universal positive reviews for his collections, both at Dior and before that at Yves St. Laurent. This young man has made his way in just a few years from a virtual unknown to the highest profile menswear designer in France.

In the years following his tenure at Dior Homme, Slimane’s distinctive, unembellished style of photography has been featured everywhere from Vogue Paris to Vanity Fair. Whether he is documenting the controlled chaos of a Libertines concert or crafting an image of fashionable serenity the Slimane style leaves an indelible mark. As the latest addition to Art + Commerce’s illustrious talent roster Slimane continues to make his presence in fashion felt. This combination of visionary artist and enterprising agency represents the perfect marriage of talent and management.

I'm totally addicted to his pictures and style.
he shows us one more time how perfect simple things can be.


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