welcome to the diamond life

welcome to the diamond life

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

✥ yummy ✥


"What Katie Ate is a resource of info relating to all things food and drink. It includes recipes and food photography by Katie herself ~ a professional food photographer and food stylist and will feature what's hot and tasty within the Sydney and Australian food scene (with the odd global diversion thrown in here and there for good measure). It also offers tips and links to Aussie and world-wide food publications, food packaging, markets, wineries, gourmet stores, restaurants, bars and cafés."

I never been that much into food/recipes blogs - but this one is definitely amazing.
I don't really like to cook but after i've been through the pictures and descriptions of "whatkatieate" I have to admit that I'm very impressed and inspired - I'm sure that I'll try something out of this great selection.