welcome to the diamond life

welcome to the diamond life

Saturday, 1 January 2011


2010 was a crazy year!
a year...

we tried everything out
we were one big family and then we were all enemies
we went all to the same parties
we stayed up till next morning 
we did stuff we regret
we didn't care bout school
we met every day for drinks
we got drunk and high
we were all slutty and mean
we looked all the time like we're going out
we had lots of secrets and gossips

but now I'm saying game over.

this is 2011!

we're reasonable
we realized who are our real friends and who are just fakes
we're doing what we enjoy with people we like and it's not about "to see and to be seen"
going out isn't anymore all about "sex, drugs and alcohol" - it's all about having fun time with good music and great people
going out means not only party, it means also going for dinner or to the cinema or visiting some friends at home
we started to care bout ourselves and the people around us
we're going to the gym
people we don't like can live their lives and do their own shit, it's not worth wasting time getting annoyed by them
we realized that we can't waste our time after school in town, while we actually should do our homework
having a good time doesn't mean being drunk and silly, it's about a good sense of humor and exciting discussions
we respect other peoples feelings
we're more honest and we're not judging that much anymore
we still love to look great but we also care about comfort and weather conditions 
we don't care any more what other people think bout how we look, we wear what we like and how we want
we're falling in love
we start to live and not just exist

game on.

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