welcome to the diamond life

welcome to the diamond life

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

i wanna...

- wake up early and hear the birds sing
- wear flower prints and lace
- wear sweet skirts, dresses and shorts
- get tanned
- spend the day at the beach or in town with my friends
- drink iced coffee and eat water melon
- wear flowers in my hair
- summer rain 
- spend the evenings outside watching the sun go down, drink a glass of wine and eat some tapas
- do go out , wear a pair of high heels or wedges, a cute white dress and some neon finger paint
- get drunk and have a fucking great time
- great music in summer 2011
- go barefoot to the lake when the party ends and swim when the sun goes up
- shower next morning, put on a cozy blouse, a pair of shorts and a pair of oversized sunglasses
- have iced coffee, croissants and fresh o-j with my friends in our favorite café and discuss last night
- fall in love and forget all my worries

i want summer !

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