welcome to the diamond life

welcome to the diamond life

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


My Nasty Gal order finally arrived! This two cross "double rings" were part of it:)
i think i like them a lot and they go well with almost everything.

Surprise surprise.. :) my dad got me the Alexander Wang duffle from London!
I love the way how this bag makes every outfit so simple chic.

In the tobacco shop i liked the way this cigarettes looked and bought them, but as soon as i tried them i was shocked, the cigarettes aren't as long as the normal ones but the filter way shorter!
but the worst part of the whole situation was, that they were twice as strong as my usual Gauloises.. disgusting and i decided to quit smoking. So from now on i'll have only this cigarettes with me and smoke only if i really have to, 'cos only in this case i won't mind the bad taste.

Yesterday i was kind of bored, so i decided to copy and draw a picture from the "the home is where the heart is" issue of the i-D magazine.

Well i hate football but today played Switzerland against Spain and the city was crowded -.-
i just had to make a picture how all the people were standing in front of a coffee shop to watch the game.. :)
(well, Switzerland won! ..but actually i don't really care)

" 21iseverywhere "

The weather is/was horrible this week :( it was kind of hot but at the same time very windy and rainy and the days were always grey and depressing.

I'm not a big fan of taking pictures of my pets etc. but this one is just a very nice and simple snapshot of my kitten. 

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